I have been looking at brass flatware to maybe add to what I already have. I am in no rush to purchase, but started to look and see what styles caught my eye. The thing about flatware is I need to actually feel it to see the weight of it. But looking for inspiration has really made the search interesting.

Brass | 真鍮 | Latón | Shinchū | латунь | Laiton | Messing | Metal | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | Design | Composition | Photography | Vika Sky Flatware
I really like the simplicity of this style.
Thai Bamboo Brass Flatware, Svc. for 12 on @One Kings Lane Vintage & Market Finds by Ruby + George
Check out this item at One Kings Lane! Brass Flatware, 102 Pcs
Rose Gold Flatware from #WestElm is on my wishlist for Christmas!
Rose Gold is beautiful as well.
There are really so many options to choose from.

Land of the Green

I miss my lawn. We have been living with the after effects of the construction and mud surrounds us everywhere. I cannot wait to plant grass. It isn’t a big yard this time around. Manageable and enough for the kids and dogs to run around barefoot. Eventually.

HOW TO; Overseed your lawn for a Healthy Green Lawn!
Secret Lawn Tonic Recipe:  After this summer, we need all the lawn tips we can get!
Simple grass. I wish it was that simple. We still need to level off the yard and fill in some places. Rake it out and seed. But every day is a step closer to the finish line.