Patio Perfection

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I have outdoor patios on my mind. Now that we are enjoying Phase One of our outdoor area, I have started to think about what I would want the finished area to look like. Because our area is sunken in, we almost feel like we are hidden from the world. Tuscany comes to mind, even though I have never been there. Here are some shots of patios that I liked.
How to Plant Evergreens in Containers-->
like an imported tuscan villa...
Italian patio furniture from Vittorio Bonacina
Italian Vacation Home by designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba | Featured on
can this please be our backyard? Garden Studio: A Modern Farmhouse

So many ideas. I cannot wait for Phase Two!

Phase One Patio

The backyard finally has grass. There are still some bare spots that we will reseed in the fall, but the amount of dirt that was tracked in the home for months has really subsided. This past weekend, we put our outdoor furniture outside on the lower level patio.



We are still in Phase One as I like to call it. We have stones for our hardscape for now. The ceiling beadboard isn’t complete yet. We are waiting for the baby birds to fly away. Their mother built a nest on the very last rafter. The steel posts need to still be painted black and the stairs and porch rails still need to be finished. But, we love being able to be outside now and Phase Two will come when it does.



Phase Two is painting the fencing, finishing the decking and stairs, adding bluestone to the patio and stucco the outside of the lower level where the foundation shows. All in time.

Green Pastures





After living without grass for what seemed like years, it is such a welcome to sight to have actual green grass in the front of the house. It really only took about 4 weeks to get a good thick lawn. We had to reseed some areas that did not take in the initial seeding.

We had a few weeks of solid rain too, so I only had to water it a few days when there wouldn’t be rain in the forecast for a while.

The kids love it. We had a baseball game out there a few weeks ago. They had a blast.

No boxwoods in the front for now. I really wanted to keep it simple and wait a year to see what, if anything, I want to plant.

Denim Duty

Everything will eventually come back in style, maybe with a few tweaks here and there, but certain pieces will make a reappearance. It might take a few decades. So after I have been kicking myself for losing my denim skirt years ago, I decided to get a new one. Here are the looks that just get it right in my book.

#Acne #distressed #denim skirt | Photo by Irina Lakicevic / A Portable Package
denim skirt outfit ideas - with light chambray shirt and Chanel bag
Denim Skirt? A MUST.
This is my favorite. Hands down.
Thank heavens for casual Friday... Denim on denim love
What is your favorite?