Floral Pants

Floral Pants
Floral prints on pants remind me of the 80s. I remember wearing them when I was young. The neon focus reminds me of the 80s as well. I am more of a 70s gal…..but if you want to rock it….I say go for it….. don’t let anyone stop you from being YOU!

Kitchen Part 3

So if you are jumping on the kitchen paint job train for the first time, we are in the process of painting our cabinets for the second time. They were originally white, then we painted them black, now they are bright white with a grey island.

The garage became the painting den. Willie created a system where he could hang the cabinets and spray them. This was the best method in terms of getting the project done in a week and having perfect paint coverage.

Because the cabinets were going from dark to light, he sprayed primer on them twice. After they dried, he sanded any imperfections and sprayed the final coats of the paint. He did the same for the island. Black is a very forgiving color, white shows tons of imperfections that you cannot ignore, so this required an extra step, but a needed step.

Inside the kitchen, all the bases were primed and painted without a sprayer. We decided to spray the shelves and the interiors of the cabinets as well. Everything will look crisp and consistent.

I am excited to see the final product. We were away when we decided to do this because of the fumes, but I knew that it was a project that would be completed in more than capable skilled hands.

Kitchen Phase 1.   and   Kitchen Part Deux.

A Hint of Lilac

Lilac isn’t just about those beautiful flowers. It can transcend into fashion as well. I bought Miss P some lilac jeans and she looks adorable in them. But the color is not just for the young at heart.

Orange and Lilac

A hint of lilac with those killer shoes.

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Here is a sweet version in this dainty dress. I love the pleating on the bottom.

lilac alexander mcqueen & jimmy choo. Look at that tiny waist!

She is absolutely beautiful. She is so delicate looking and the Alexander  McQueen solidifies that.

Lilac Ruffles

This would be so pretty for a summer wedding. The shoes have to go though.

Do you have any lilac in your wardrobe?

image 1 via  grayboyxx.tumblr.com image 2 via knighttcat.com image 3 via people.com image 4 via shopbop.com

Lovely Lilacs


Lilacs remind me of being a child and running down to the farm. Mama and Jaju up the farm had beautiful lilac trees surrounding their home right by the kitchen. It amazes me how a smell can transport you back decades into a memory. Lilacs always remind me of innocence and my great grandparents.


When we built our first home, the Mr bought me a lilac tree. We planted it right next to the side door. Most people used that door and it was such a welcoming sight.

Lilacs... Beautiful.

The second home he built, that we currently live in, we bought a lilac tree and planted it right next to the front porch. This week, I saw the first emergence of buds. Brought a smile to my face.

Do certain flowers or plants remind you of a time in your life?