Beach Bound

packing for day at the beach...and a printable

How do you pack for the beach? BC (Before Children), I had one small straw bag and one chair. In that one small bag, I had one book, two bottle of sunscreen, one water bottle and one snack, one towel and one hat. That is it. Nothing else. I could sit at the beach for hours with the bare essentials.

Boy have times changed. I have to pack the evening before we go. Since we live only a 5 minute drive from the beach, you would think I would love to go. But the process of packing takes all the thrill out of it. I have two bags. One bag is just for the change of clothes for after the beach, when I strip the kids in the car and put on clean dry clothes. I have another bag with 4 towels, three types of sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and beach passes. Then there is the cooler, with drinks, fruit, crackers and sandwiches. Don’t forget the chairs, big bucket of beach toys. Last year I had an umbrella for Miss F.

Waterproof Beach Bag: This colorful, rinseable carryall is the perfect beach bag for kids -- great for packing up gear, collecting sandy treasures, or toting wet suits and towels.

S and Miss P carry the cooler, bucket of toys and a chair. I carry the baby and the bag. We get it done in one trip. Whatever we cannot carry in one trip stays in the car and that’s that.

We have a system and it works. I like to go first thing in the morning and leave by 11:30 ish. Once we get there, it really is just a chill time. My kids play in the water, collect shells and pebbles and look for crabs. Last year, Miss F would sit in her carrier and sleep the entire time. This year, she is mobile and very curious.

Do you have a system that works for you?

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Infomercials and summer heat

For two days straight, the temperatures were close to 100. So I kept the kids inside. We didn’t even bother go to the beach. I do not recommend being cooped up indoors for that amount of time.

Within that 48 hour period, Miss P became an infomercial expert. Magic Tap for instance. I had no idea what the heck that was until she barreled into the kitchen and told me we need it and NOW. What is Magic Tap you may ask? I have no idea, because as her lips were going a mile a minute explaining to me what it was with a ketchup bottle, all i thought was, holy crap. These kids need to go outside immediately.

We do not have a pool. We have a hose. That did the trick and let me tell you, these kids were thrilled. At first the kids thought I was watering the ferns in the pots. I casually called them out to show them something and then soaked them. I couldn’t stop laughing. S was so ticked, he told me he was running away. He didn’t go very far, just to the garage. Miss P stared in disbelief for a nanosecond and then screamed to do it again. S lightened up and they loved it. Miss F had to sit this one out because she has been under the weather.

How do you beat the summer heat?