Sometimes you have to put yourself out there, risk it all to do the right thing. Bravery. I have been thinking about this term a lot lately and what it can mean in different situations or times in our lives.

There are countless individuals who we can think of in terms of those who represent this characteristic through the actions of themselves. But what about those people who are not a sound bite on the nightly news, or those people who are not given an award in a ceremony? What about the people who do something in spite of what it might cost them because it is the right thing to do and do it without recognition in mind as the reward.


As you are reading this , I am sure in your own life you have done something that required you to take the bull by the horns and do the right thing for the sake of the greater group. You know who you are. I applaud you. You did it without pomp and circumstance. You did it because sometimes the road to the truth is a road not traveled by the greater population because it is not an easy road. Courage leads to the truth and without bravery neither would exist.

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