Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Happy Father’s Day!

Being a father is easy, but it takes a man to be a dad.

I have to say that I am a very lucky daughter. I have a wonderful father, and he is the best dad. Because I am his only child, I do not know if he felt like he missed out on having a son, but he has never for one day ever made me think that.

As a child, he would play basketball with me, play kick ball, bring me to the beach, take me sledding or ice skating. He took me fishing, taught me how to ride my bike and spent many nights at the kitchen table trying to explain math to me, to no avail.

I think a father has a very important role in his daughter’s life. For a daughter, her father is the ultimate measure of what a gentleman is. He is a beacon of strength and support. My father instilled in me the belief that anything was possible for me and that I was important. Those are gifts that are priceless.

As an adult, I still see my dad through my child’s eye. He will always be that one person I trust and the one person whose opinion I most value. Even though our lives have shifted and new paths formed, he will always be my dad. It is a gift to say that out of every person in my life, I have known him the longest. Of all the things I have given my children, I am most proud to say that they have him for their grandfather, their Poppy.

Dad, you are adored, loved and celebrated. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my children.

Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Poppy’s Day.

5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Dad!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your words reveal your soul- your love for your dad is pure. Thank you for sharing this post!! I want to steal it because I feel the same way about my dad. Ha! I don’t know if I ever knew you were an only child. Isn’t that weird? how did I not know that??? We have a whole new level to connect on now! xo

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