Night Chatter

True Story.

One night last week I was putting S to bed. He had a fever and was not feeling well. As I was telling him a story, he stopped me and said the following.

S: Mom, I am going to marry Miss P when I grow up.

Me: That is sweet, but you can’t. She is your sister.

S: Well, I have to. Miss F is too young and Miss P is older. She knows more.

Me: Yep, nice, but you can’t.

S: Well, who can I marry?

Me: You will meet her in college, or at work, or out with your friends when you are older.

S: What’s her name?

Me: I don’t know.

S: I don’t know! (laughing) I can’t marry her.

Me: Why?

S: Because she doesn’t have a name like Miss P.

Me: (realizing he thought her name was actually “I don’t know”) Her name isn’t I don’t know. We haven’t met her yet, so I cannot tell you her name.

S: Weird.

Typical night around here.

2 thoughts on “Night Chatter

  1. I love bedtime talks with the kids. Adelle informed us that she will marry a mommy 1. Because she doesn’t care for boys at this time and 2. That way the other mommy can have the baby ( and get a shot, which apparently is the biggest fear she has about labor) and she can then just be a mommy. And live in Paris.

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