Kindergarten here we come!

S is starting Kindergarten this year. He is very excited and we have been working on his academics here and there over the summer. It amazes me how he likes to play “school”. I try to get 20 minutes in with reading readiness and math concepts. He only lasts for a certain amount of time and I never push him. He chooses what we will work on with the items I pull.

The first day of school outfit options range from shorts, denim, crew shirts to polos. The weather will still be hot, so summer options are where it is at for S.

Boys' junior Adidas® for crewcuts black and neon Gazelle sneakers

Boys' long-sleeve ringer tee in rugby stripe

Ash Canvas Youth Classics

I am so excited for him to begin this new journey. I know whatever he wears, the smile on his face riding that bus will not be beat!

image 1 via Boys’ junior Adidas® for crewcuts black and neon Gazelle sneakers – shoes – Boy’s new arrivals – J.Crew. image 2 via  J.Crew. image 3,4,5,6 via  Gap. image 7 via TOMS Classics for Youth |

Birthday Part 2 LA BOUND BABY

So , the Mr really surprised me for my birthday. The first part was a low-key night at the Ocean House Birthday Part 1. The next part involved getting on a plane. At first I was a bit hesitant to go anywhere. I have been a bit of a homebody for the last year. But after debating over it for weeks, I thought why not. I really needed a break and to say that this last year has been interesting and trying would be very accurate. I had no clue where I was going until I walked up to the counter at the airport for check in. I was in a state of shock when I learned I was going to California! CALIFORNIA!

So off we went! The ride was smooth and fast and the seats were spectacular. I love flying out west and seeing the patterns of the landscape.

But even after the initial surprise of where we were headed, NOTHING will ever beat when I was walking off the plane. There right in front of me was my best friend Rachel and Mike. HOLY COW. I have never been at a loss for words until at that moment. My girl Rachel is the epitome of a stellar friend and the fact that she was THERE waiting for me to walk off the plane was a moment I will never forget. I love this girl. Truly.

The first leg of the trip was hanging in LA. The second I got situated, I texted MarKo from Marko’s Tips and we met up with him almost every night and his hubby Brandon. I had such a fabulous time hanging with my dearest friends.

We tried to cram everything in. The Grove. The Hills. The Hollywood Sign. Visiting My-Girl Gwynnie. The Chateau Marmont. Hiking. Eating.  MarKo brought us to this local food joint that had some of the best authentic Mexican food. Delicious.

The trip to the Hollywood Sign was unreal. Hiking miles to get to it and realizing we weren’t even close. Driving through the winding streets in the hills and finding the spot only to have fire ants crawl up my leg and bite my knees. Let me tell you, the name suits them perfectly.

We stayed at the Hotel Roosevelt. There are no words to explain that place. I will just leave it at that. The Hotel itself has a storied past. The lobby was so beautiful. And the pool is unreal. Actually, I don’t know if the word unreal is the perfect word to describe the pool area. Ear plugs are a must.

Part 3 was heading to the coast.

Birthday Part 1


I have to say that it is really hard to surprise me. I definitely am a Type A personality and like to be in control. I am extremely organized and dedicated. My birthday was a few weeks ago. It was a pretty major one. It is funny but as the “date approached” I wasn’t dreading it. I really believed that it was a blessing. Sure, who wants to “look” older, but being “older” is a gift.

So, my birthday plans were a complete surprise to me. I had no clue as to what I was doing, or where I was going. All I specified was that I did not want to have a party. Low key, but I didn’t want to clean or cook.

So my birthday was in Parts. Part I was a dinner at the Ocean House. Now, I used to go to the Ocean House as a teenager through my mid-twenties before it was torn down and reinvented. It was where the surfers went, the locals and my friends and I who lived at the beach for all our lives just chilled. Now, it is a different scene. Even though it has transformed to a gleaming presentation, the old Ocean House will always be dear to me. The ocean views are breath-taking. Honestly. I have always been drawn to the ocean, and celebrating by it was perfect. I cannot imagine living anywhere where the ocean is not close. I mean really close. It has always been a place where I go to that relaxes me and gives me such peace.

It was a small gathering on the veranda. Family.  There was even a rainbow that evening.



First Day of School Outfits

Miss P is so excited about beginning the new school year. For the last week, she has been trying on outfits. She narrowed her options down to 4. She cracks me up. Here are some options that I saw that totally say “Miss P”.

Girls' dizzy anchors sateen dressShe has this anchor dress. It is one of the ones that she is considering wearing.

Girls' Mirabel dressGirls' tassel T-strap sandals


image 1 via CROCHET DRESS – Dresses – Girl (2-14 years) – Kids – ZARA image 2 via CAP-TOE BALLERINA – Shoes – Girl (2-14 years) – Kids – ZARA image 3 via Girls’ dizzy anchors sateen dress – AllProducts – sale – J.Crew. image 4 via Girls’ Mirabel dress – AllProducts – sale – J.Crew. image 6 via Kids Clothing: Girls Clothing: Dresses | Gap.