26 Random Acts of Kindness


The Newtown Massacre has changed us all. Within the family core, the community, the state, the nation and now ripples throughout the world. So many of us wanted to hug our children immediately, be with the ones most precious to us. But shouldn’t we already be showing how precious the people we love are? It should not take 26 people’s families to suffer through a new reality, bury their joy and live through unspeakable loss for us to act the words of love we so often proclaim.

26 Random Acts of Kindness has catapulted people into action and made us believe in the act of giving, spirituality and the good in human nature. Our society has placed so much value on material things that when we learn the true value of what life means, so often it takes a tragedy to show us. What we beg to be near in our moments of weakness, sorrow, or happiness is our loved ones. I am not immune to this either.

My posts this week were already written weeks ago. But I have to say if they were not already scheduled, I don’t think I could even put anything down to post that would be of any interest or value. Do you really want to see another holiday gift guide? Do you really want to see some style icon? Do you really want to hear about some new recipe? I know life needs to march on. I know distractions are very much needed. I know there needs to be some realm of what normal should look like. But I cannot stop grieving for those precious children and brave educators. As more details emerge, as we learn more about the innocent children and adults who had meaningful important lives and were loved beyond measure, the new reality of what their families lives will be is just as heartbreaking. I know we must be the change we want,  but it should never take a massacre.

Miss P, Miss F and S were on a mission to pass the pay it forward.  I have to say that I have always been very proud of how my children see what others may miss. I have written before about Miss P’s empathy towards others, and how S always makes it a point to say hello to a service person in the military. Paying it forward can be such a simple gesture, that can speak volumes. So my family is on a mission. Big gestures to small. We have focused on the Newtown community and our own. I pray that my children’s world will be the change that we desperately need.

As the news crews head back to their corners of the world, and the stillness enters, please let us carry these families in our hearts and prayers.

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