Flynn Skye

It seems like the warmer temperatures will never get here. It is less than a week from April, and we have snow today. I mean come on. Enough is enough. It always amazes me that it is so incredibly cold in the winter months here and the summer months we get heat waves. In anticipation for those warmer days, I have anxiously thought about every single day, there is one thing that I am pretty psyched about. Flynn Skye Clothing. It is that simple. Boho loving easy wearing clothing. Sign me up.

Perfect Pant Black

I ordered these and they are awesome. The pockets are in the front and low, baggy in the right places and form fitting as well. I have been back and forth 100 times with these harem pants since last summer. These are so comfortable and I will literally wear them with a black t and heels or leather flops every day. 

This dress is magical. Wear it on the beach or a night out. The back is to die for. With a light tan and beach wavy hair and you are good to go.


This is Venice vibe to perfection. Hurry up heat wave. I am ready for you.







I absolutely love her style.
My search for the perfect pair of black denim is almost at an obsessive level.
The thing is, I want them to actually BE denim. Not twill or some other cotton. They need to be denim.
I have tried Paige. And no go. I have a pair of MiH that I loved, but they stretched out from over wear, so they are out of for the count. And they do not have that style in black anymore.
I have my Rag and Bone, like the one below.
rag & bone/JEAN The Skinny in Dark Olive
I like them, wear them a lot. Even have the same wash in holes. But they are long, and I want a shorter inseam. Such problems. And I do not feel like ordering another pair to hem them.
These have been in my shopping cart for over a month. If anyone has them, are they actually denim?
Black denim.


Spring thinking

OK. So this cold weather is starting to get on my nerves. I have been doing a lot of virtual shopping to pick me up out of this grumpy mood of mine. Lots of shopping carts filled to the brim, but not actually buying anything. Makes me feel better and my credit card remains unscathed.

Here’s what is in my cart.


This top rocks it. Bohemian goodness. Delicate to boot. Love it.


I think I need these trousers in my life. Surely I will wear them all the time.

Ok. Back to my snow boots, parka and hat with gloves.

Delicate Touches

I have been pinning images of delicate gold or rose gold jewelry for a while now. I am not a big jewelry person. I actually do not even have my ears pierced. Never wanted them even as a kid, and I have no desire to have them now. I wear one ring and have about 6 necklaces that I always rotate. I guess its simple to keep it simple. But I have been having my eye on some pieces that I would love to have some day.

MADE TO ORDER - One Tiny Memory Knot - Knotted Thread of Rose Gold Ring - Stacking Ring - Delicate Jewelry - Memory Ring. $9.50, via Etsy.
This delicate rose gold memory knot ring is so simple. They are made to order and would look fabulous as a single ring or even stacked.
Choose a Stone - Thread of Gold - Tiny Stacking Ring with 14k Gold Set Faceted Stone of Your Choice - Delicate Jewelry
So is this one. Simple and sweet.
I love delicate layering rings like this little golden feather
I love love this one. The feather is so darling and I think this is number one on the list for me.
Ring infinity necklace Three ring necklace by jewelrycraftstudio, $27.50 My favorite is the silver one because it would match most of my earrings.
lucky four leaf clover necklace. love!
So many to choose from.