Long Camel Coat

In the move I think my beloved, old long camel coat that I had from when I worked in the city was accidentally given away or thrown away. I am so freakin’ bummed out about it. It was not snug. It was warm. I could wear a leather jacket under it or a massive sweater. It was like a blanket and now someone else is probably wearing the damn thing.

These shots are making me wish I found that coat. Like. Right. Now.

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I wish it would turn up. I know it is just a coat, but it is so annoying that it is just POOF. Gone.

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Elin Kling

Elin Kling. Her style is the epitome of minimal. She definitely has that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy vibe about her. Her web site is minimal as well. A straight shooter with a major emphasis on the visual component. She has drive. A woman with goals and her endeavors is a wonderful thing. Carry on.

Black. Grey. White. Vintage. It is all there. Check out her blog….  www.elin-kling.com

Zara Home

I often go straight to Zara for basic wardrobe pieces. The sweaters are always on point. You can find basics that will last a few seasons or you can find that “of the moment” piece and not break the bank. Zara also has a home section as well. The patterned rugs are a varied and nice selection and the loungewear is spot on.

I haven’t actually ordered anything yet, but the choices would make some nice holiday gifts or even hostess gifts for the season of cheer and merriment.

The glassware would make a nice set for a new home or even for holiday gifts.

I adore these rugs. They are perfect for any spot in your home.

Have you shopped from this site yet?


Minimalism in fashion might seem like a one note to some people. But not to me. Emerson Fry is the perfect example of how minimalism will always be in style and effortless. I know these shots are basic grey, black and white. But seriously, can these ever be wrong?

The above picture is amazingly chic. My life has no need for such designer outfits, but if I had somewhere to go, this would be it.

Maybe Carolyn Bessette would have rocked these down the sidewalk in Tribeca.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

I have always had an obsession (in a good not scary way) for Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Her style can be translated into today, tomorrow, 3 decades from now and two decades prior. Her untimely passing makes her even more of an enigma. She was free of the annoying over sharing mediums of Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, etc. A time when you only knew someone if you actually knew them.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.11.41 AM

The daily pap shots were wonderful for us, but obviously an annoying and intrusive aspect to her life. I can never begin to relate, but am very thankful to have visuals of her style and sophistication.  Minimal style at its best. Classic and clean-lined. Nothing was “a piece of the moment”. Tailored and impeccable. The hair. The minimal make up.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.13.18 AM

I think what resonates most with me is that she was human. She fought, she laughed, she lived and she did it in the spotlight because of who she married. Interestingly enough, I think that was also a major component to the public’s infatuation with her.

Her fate was tragic.  I wonder what her look would translate today, where her life would have led her and how she would have impacted society, not just on a superficial role as a style icon.