Denim Duty

Everything will eventually come back in style, maybe with a few tweaks here and there, but certain pieces will make a reappearance. It might take a few decades. So after I have been kicking myself for losing my denim skirt years ago, I decided to get a new one. Here are the looks that just get it right in my book.

#Acne #distressed #denim skirt | Photo by Irina Lakicevic / A Portable Package
denim skirt outfit ideas - with light chambray shirt and Chanel bag
Denim Skirt? A MUST.
This is my favorite. Hands down.
Thank heavens for casual Friday... Denim on denim love
What is your favorite?


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Flynn Skye

It seems like the warmer temperatures will never get here. It is less than a week from April, and we have snow today. I mean come on. Enough is enough. It always amazes me that it is so incredibly cold in the winter months here and the summer months we get heat waves. In anticipation for those warmer days, I have anxiously thought about every single day, there is one thing that I am pretty psyched about. Flynn Skye Clothing. It is that simple. Boho loving easy wearing clothing. Sign me up.

Perfect Pant Black

I ordered these and they are awesome. The pockets are in the front and low, baggy in the right places and form fitting as well. I have been back and forth 100 times with these harem pants since last summer. These are so comfortable and I will literally wear them with a black t and heels or leather flops every day. 

This dress is magical. Wear it on the beach or a night out. The back is to die for. With a light tan and beach wavy hair and you are good to go.


This is Venice vibe to perfection. Hurry up heat wave. I am ready for you.