Cooking in the Kitchen

So I am making good on my word, and I have been cooking up a storm. I make three meals and enough so that we have left overs for the next day’s dinner and lunch. This is me stepping out of my comfort zone, but the meals I have chosen to try are usually in one pan or pot and I think making it simple has made me less overwhelmed. is my go-to site. Here are a few meals that I have made that have been a hit.

I made this pork tenderloin with mushrooms last week. It was delicious and incredibly easy. The girls loved it.

This meatless lasagna soup from was a slow cooker recipe. I could have skipped the slow cooker and just done it on the stove, but the meal lasted a few days and will definitely be made again.

Next up are these zucchini sandwiches. These are on the menu for Monday.

Have you found any simple recipes that you would like to share?

Do It Delicious

I am not a cook. I have never boasted that I was. I think I have stated a few times on the good ole blog that it is not my favorite thing to do in the world. But I need to eat to live, and I needed to find something that could give me ideas that would not take forever to prep or cook.

I follow Jessica Seinfeld on Instagram. She is Jerry’s wife, but stands on her own in terms of being an accomplished woman with a spot on personality. Her instagram feed is hilarious, and she is a great cook. She has written several cookbooks, but it was her Instagram feed of the things she makes that peeked my curiosity about her. She can be found on I love that her recipes are easy to prep and easy to actually cook.

Last night I made the cod dish. Oh.My. Goodness. It was uhhhhmazing. The only things I additionally added were spinach and vegetable stock. This literally took me 5 minutes to prep, if that, and 40 minutes to actually cook. The best part was when it was cooking, I did not have to be glued to the stove.

do it delicious

Next on the menu will be these two recipes. If I can make two or three a week, and have enough for left overs for everyone for the next night, I can actually make do this.

do it delicious

This eggplant is next. The only thing I plan to add is making my own tomato sauce. Just to dip and add on the side.

do it delicious

And this chicken recipe, is literally cooked all in one pot. Sign me up.

Have you found any sites that offer delicious meals for little prep and cook time? Do share!


So now that we finally hit the 80s in temperature, my mind is on summer mode. I hope that we are able to entertain quite a lot this summer. The kids are in camps throughout the upcoming months, but we only have one small vacation planned this year, which means more time at home. Summer themed drinks are on my mind.

Not much of a drinker but these are adorable & do look tasty. alcoholic blueberry lemonade cocktails
Lemonade cocktails. These are great because if you do not want to add alcohol, they are still refreshing and delicious.
Pink Moscato Strawberry Lemonade
This one is going to be my first one to try and make. I like that it is group servings. Easy for the hostess.
Great summer drinks that a #retromiami girl would love - Pink Lemonade Margharita!
A pink lemonade margharita.
Protein packed Blackberry Smoothie with @Chobani Greek yogurt #fitfluential
A blackberry smoothie.
Is there a go-to drink you make for the warmer temps?

Meal of the Month

Once we settle in over the next month in the new home, I hope to get back to a calm existence. I crave quiet and routine, especially after living a bit unsettled and overworked the last 7 months. With this return to normalcy, I decided I want to make a new dish a month.  A month? Why not a new dish a week? Because why set myself up for failure? And anyone who knows me knows I cook about 7 dishes really well, so why rock the boat. Plus, I like to style a kitchen not so much cook in it. So this one meal a month is an attainable goal and one that will hopefully keep me not frustrated.

So with this new goal I of course looked at Pinterest for inspiration. There were a few bullets in my quest. First, it had to actually look good to eat. Second, it had to be relatively fool proof. Third, it had to be a meal that I would not need professional help with.

Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich..
So I am starting with a guacamole, tomato cheese sandwich. I might even try tomato soup while I am at it.