Meal of the Month

Once we settle in over the next month in the new home, I hope to get back to a calm existence. I crave quiet and routine, especially after living a bit unsettled and overworked the last 7 months. With this return to normalcy, I decided I want to make a new dish a month.  A month? Why not a new dish a week? Because why set myself up for failure? And anyone who knows me knows I cook about 7 dishes really well, so why rock the boat. Plus, I like to style a kitchen not so much cook in it. So this one meal a month is an attainable goal and one that will hopefully keep me not frustrated.

So with this new goal I of course looked at Pinterest for inspiration. There were a few bullets in my quest. First, it had to actually look good to eat. Second, it had to be relatively fool proof. Third, it had to be a meal that I would not need professional help with.

Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich..
So I am starting with a guacamole, tomato cheese sandwich. I might even try tomato soup while I am at it.


In the midst of all the madness on my calendar for the last 4 months, I am looking ahead to the holidays. There is absolutely no way I am ever going to be ready for them. Not. A. Chance. Feeling a tad overwhelmed and stressed to the max. So what do I do when I have absolutely no time to spare? I waste about an hour on Pinterest. Come on, I am sure you do the same thing. So what should I find that made me perk up? A mistletoe margarita. It exists my friends. It really does.

"Mistletoe Margarita" - Camarena tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, gin, and cranberries.
I think I found the Christmas Eve drink for the evening. Last year we doctored up some punch. This year I am going for the gold.

Thanksgiving Table

I am starting to think about Thanksgiving and the table setting. I change it up every year. If we happen to not be at home for Thanksgiving, we usually do something small a few days later for just us. There is just something about eating leftovers for a few days after that thrills me.

I usually go very simple with the table. These images caught my eye.

Thanksgiving Tables


ciao! newport beach: Thanksgiving Tables

(love the wood runner!!) ciao! newport beach: Thanksgiving Tables

Thanksgiving Table Setting.

Thanksgiving Table setting. Slender glass vases filled with mini pumpkins.

This contemporary Thanksgiving table setting via HGTV showcases a white pumpkin, chunky pillar candles and a mixture of metallic-painted gourds.


How do you set your table for the holiday? Do you change it up every year or are you a creature of habit with your style?



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