Patio Perfection

Paradise Valley Custom Built Tuscan Home - Paradise Valley AZ Custom Luxury Home - Desert Star Construction
I have outdoor patios on my mind. Now that we are enjoying Phase One of our outdoor area, I have started to think about what I would want the finished area to look like. Because our area is sunken in, we almost feel like we are hidden from the world. Tuscany comes to mind, even though I have never been there. Here are some shots of patios that I liked.
How to Plant Evergreens in Containers-->
like an imported tuscan villa...
Italian patio furniture from Vittorio Bonacina
Italian Vacation Home by designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba | Featured on
can this please be our backyard? Garden Studio: A Modern Farmhouse

So many ideas. I cannot wait for Phase Two!

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The next phase outside will be the porch railings for the back porch. I have an idea which way I want to go. We need to take into consideration the salt in the air that will eat at any materials, so I am looking at other less traditional options.

Curb Appeal - Upgrade railings  Porch and stoop railings can deteriorate quickly if not treated properly. If your railings are past their prime, look for quality wood or metal components to replace the existing material. As with other improvements attached directly to the house, make sure the color, scale, design, details, and material are compatible with the home's main features.
I love this look. Very traditional but clean lines as well.
Deck and porch railing design. Austin Patterson Disston Architects | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The intricate details on this porch are amazing.
Atlantis Rail - Cable Railing, Cable Rail, Cable Railings, Stainless Steel Cable, Stainless Cable, Deck Railings
The one above will most likely be the one we will go with for the outside porch. I like that from afar you will not be able to see the stainless steel. I also like the idea of how it will be a twist on the overall look to the farmhouse – Greek Federal inspired home that we have.
Deck Railing idea
So many ideas to work with.


We are in the process of adding privacy fencing to our backyard. We really had no choice in the matter. With the dogs and the kids, it will be nice to have everyone secured. The new build is in an established street in a seaside town. All the homes are very close together, which I really enjoy. But with that, privacy is also factored into the fence decision.

We went with a white vinyl fence. The fence that was already there when the land was purchased will remain. It will be power washed and painted white to fit in with new one.

Here are some fences that caught my eye. I would have loved a very dark grey one, but it was out of the budget.

Foto's van diverse aangelegde tuinen - Martin Veltkamp Tuinen
grey fence
Instead with all the white, and having a white house too, I am going to break it up with black mulch and boxwoods. The black mulch will tie in nicely with the three black garage doors.
The never-ending list of projects.

Land of the Green

I miss my lawn. We have been living with the after effects of the construction and mud surrounds us everywhere. I cannot wait to plant grass. It isn’t a big yard this time around. Manageable and enough for the kids and dogs to run around barefoot. Eventually.

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Secret Lawn Tonic Recipe:  After this summer, we need all the lawn tips we can get!
Simple grass. I wish it was that simple. We still need to level off the yard and fill in some places. Rake it out and seed. But every day is a step closer to the finish line.