Land of the Green

I miss my lawn. We have been living with the after effects of the construction and mud surrounds us everywhere. I cannot wait to plant grass. It isn’t a big yard this time around. Manageable and enough for the kids and dogs to run around barefoot. Eventually.

HOW TO; Overseed your lawn for a Healthy Green Lawn!
Secret Lawn Tonic Recipe:  After this summer, we need all the lawn tips we can get!
Simple grass. I wish it was that simple. We still need to level off the yard and fill in some places. Rake it out and seed. But every day is a step closer to the finish line.


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My current dining room has become a storage room for all the deliveries I have been getting for the new house. I think I use this room as a storage facility more than I ever actually used it as a dining room. I mentioned before that a lot of the furniture pieces that we have in our house now will not be going to the new house. The new build is really an open floor plan with no interior walls to speak of on the first floor. So a lot of the things I currently have will not work in the new space.

When we started to design the new house, I wanted to really live in one space. The kitchen open to the family room and the eating area. I have always loved the townhouses in the city, and wanted to translate that into the new house.  I also wanted the mudroom area to be usable and sizable. We have no mudroom in the house we just sold and are currently renting, which always was annoying. The kids have no where to put their things and the half bath wasn’t close to the garage. The new mudroom will have a butler’s pantry, half bath, closet area and my desk area. I am so pumped for this room.

Here are some inspiration photos that have the look that I have always loved and hope to have in the new home.

white kitchen, open floor plan, classic,
Open floor plan!
bright, light, white, tall windows, living room, glass book cases, slipcover couch


There is a local restaurant that we go to every Wednesday night. They have these goose neck lights that have me not thinking of going with the traditional lantern look for the new house. I like how they are a mix of old farmhouse with the industrial element. Here are some that caught my eye.

Galvanized Gooseneck Lights
merci, paris  photo by tricia foley
goose-neck light over garage
Gooseneck Lighting Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 2
I would need three for the garage area and then about 4 in the back. I think they would add an additional detail that might pop against the more traditional exterior.
Do you like this look or is there another style that you gravitate to?

Door Design

Black Front Doors Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 11
Since we are building new, I have my eye on the door, front door that is. Doors and windows are the first decisions on top of the list. Here are some that caught my eye.
front door
The house we just sold had a front door that was white with the “french door” look. The one above caught my eye because of the thick panels. Plus, I love the mail slot!
front doors
This one is probably my favorite. It is so open and bright. The foyer is welcoming as well.
Front doors
I like the double door style as well. The new build won’t be able to have that style, but the look is also really pretty.
What do you prefer for your entry door?