Desk Toppers

So I actually have a desk in this new home. No more storing my stuff in a closet and writing my lists and stuff on the steps. I have a catch all home base and it makes me organized. I love being organized. So I have been pinning like crazy desk accessories, and these caught my eye.

antique brass gold scissors
I have been on the search for brass or gold scissors.
lucite + gold office supplies?!
Desk accessory - from Cross Decor & Design in Vancouver
Mint & Gold 'Gentle Reminders' pencils by Amanda Catherine Designs
great desk accessories
love the bowl and the gold paper clips
And flowers. Flowers always put things into perspective.
beautiful flowers in vase


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Whatcha’ looking at?

Llama White Balloons

One Kings Lane had a sale of

Maison Gray | The House of Gray Malin Photography

  a few weeks ago.

I have been eyeing these prints for a few years now.

I love the whimsy of this one. So I decided since they were more than half off retail value, I would get one.

The one above is going in Miss F’s room. Much smaller print.

St. Tropez Red Umbrellas

This one is beautiful. One of my favorites.

Santa Monica Lifeguard Stand

Bubbles 3

The website has such eye candy.

Vanity Visions

The master bath is almost completed. The only last thing to be built is the vanity. I searched high and low for a vanity that offered storage and style. But because I found a trough vessel marble sink, it had to be extremely sturdy to support both the vessel and the additional slab of marble for it to sit on. I turned to a local craftsman who is extremely talented and had him create something that was along these lines but did not necessarily have to be an exact replica.

Country Residence Bathroom
The open concept has always been something I have been drawn too. We decided to stain the piece 50% jacobean 50% ebony. The two shelves concept wouldn’t work, so we opted to do one. I am excited to see the finished product and share it with you.


In the new build, Miss F’s room has the chimney inside her room. Because of setbacks and other restrictions, the chimney couldn’t be extended out. So I have decided to make it a focal point of her room and work with it. Dry walling over it could have been an option, but I thought the bricks would look cool. She really has a tiny room compared to the room she has now. I say it is cozy.  She is so excited about her new room and I am almost finished gathering all the things for it. Sourcing was pretty easy.

Here are some rooms that caught my eye with painted brick. I am going for stark white.

Painted white brick and copper.
Romantic, modern bedroom in whites and pale lavendars with white painted brick wall and softly, glowing pendant lights. Crazy about it! :)
white brick wall and fireplace in master bedroom of sandways holiday beach cottage of the partridges in camber sands, available for seasonal letting (photo by simon eldon for heart home, summer '12 issue)
bring on the paint

Wedding Blanket

wedding blankets


I have had the moroccan wedding blanket on a short list to purchase one day for about 7 years. Every year I say this will be the year I get one. I search quite often for the perfect one at least a few times every month. I was finally going to purchase one that had the coloring and size that I had wanted for like ever. Figures. Sold that same morning. Back to the search. I want to drape it on the bed in the master.

Vintage Moroccan Wedding Blanket 1836  Beautiful smaller extremely glimmery vintage Moroccan wedding blanket with uber shiny sequins and t...
Moroccan Wedding Blanket (Handira)
Park Interiors- moroccan wedding blanket
Do you know of any sources for these beautiful blankets?