Phase One Patio

The backyard finally has grass. There are still some bare spots that we will reseed in the fall, but the amount of dirt that was tracked in the home for months has really subsided. This past weekend, we put our outdoor furniture outside on the lower level patio.



We are still in Phase One as I like to call it. We have stones for our hardscape for now. The ceiling beadboard isn’t complete yet. We are waiting for the baby birds to fly away. Their mother built a nest on the very last rafter. The steel posts need to still be painted black and the stairs and porch rails still need to be finished. But, we love being able to be outside now and Phase Two will come when it does.



Phase Two is painting the fencing, finishing the decking and stairs, adding bluestone to the patio and stucco the outside of the lower level where the foundation shows. All in time.

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Wish List


So denim skirts are making a come back. I had one years ago, not a mini one, and I lost it in one of my many moves in my 20s. Well, I debated for months and I decided to get another one.

The price point was perfect. I really debated on this one from Mother Denim.

MOTHER High Waisted Patchie Skirt in Smoke and Mirrors

I actually love Mother Denim. I have several pairs of jeans from the brand, and they are amazing. The rinse is spot on, but I decided I would rather spend that amount on jeans instead.

I found a new shop site for the home, and I literally would get one of everything. I love all white bedding, with various textile and shades of white.

This pom pom blanket is on my Christmas list. I need it. I Want it.
As well as this blanket. Again. I need it. I want it.
I love love love gold or rose gold necklaces. These are on my list for my birthday. No doubt it will be something I get for myself.




It is all so good.
Have you added on to your wish list?



We are in the process of adding privacy fencing to our backyard. We really had no choice in the matter. With the dogs and the kids, it will be nice to have everyone secured. The new build is in an established street in a seaside town. All the homes are very close together, which I really enjoy. But with that, privacy is also factored into the fence decision.

We went with a white vinyl fence. The fence that was already there when the land was purchased will remain. It will be power washed and painted white to fit in with new one.

Here are some fences that caught my eye. I would have loved a very dark grey one, but it was out of the budget.

Foto's van diverse aangelegde tuinen - Martin Veltkamp Tuinen
grey fence
Instead with all the white, and having a white house too, I am going to break it up with black mulch and boxwoods. The black mulch will tie in nicely with the three black garage doors.
The never-ending list of projects.


Each of my children have had art shows the last few months.



Miss F was so proud of her work. She couldn’t wait to show me when I picked her up from her playgroup. I have to admit I am happy that we did not give up on the program for her. She was not loving being away from me at first, so we skipped it for a few months. Now, she loves spending time with her friends and being involved in the activities planned.



S also had an Art Show a few weeks ago. He had several pieces displayed and was pretty excited about what the art teacher chose for him.



And Miss P also had an art show that was featured at a local library.



Pretty cool!

Gray Malin



So a few months back, I purchased this photography piece from Gray Malin’s work.

I love it. I am putting it in Miss F’s room.

I am still deciding what type of frame I want to use.

I am thinking a larger one, but am undecided about brass, silver, or white.

I want it to overall be a substantial piece on the wall.


I am leaning towards white. But am clearly not ready to pull the trigger. So it shall lean in her room until I decide. I would like to get another one in the series for her.

Now these are the kind of umbrellas we like to see.

I would love this one in a massive size for on the fireplace.