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I often go straight to Zara for basic wardrobe pieces. The sweaters are always on point. You can find basics that will last a few seasons or you can find that “of the moment” piece and not break the bank. Zara also has a home section as well. The patterned rugs are a varied and nice selection and the loungewear is spot on.

I haven’t actually ordered anything yet, but the choices would make some nice holiday gifts or even hostess gifts for the season of cheer and merriment.

The glassware would make a nice set for a new home or even for holiday gifts.

I adore these rugs. They are perfect for any spot in your home.

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Wish List


So denim skirts are making a come back. I had one years ago, not a mini one, and I lost it in one of my many moves in my 20s. Well, I debated for months and I decided to get another one.

The price point was perfect. I really debated on this one from Mother Denim.

MOTHER High Waisted Patchie Skirt in Smoke and Mirrors

I actually love Mother Denim. I have several pairs of jeans from the brand, and they are amazing. The rinse is spot on, but I decided I would rather spend that amount on jeans instead.

I found a new shop site for the home, and I literally would get one of everything. I love all white bedding, with various textile and shades of white.

This pom pom blanket is on my Christmas list. I need it. I Want it.
As well as this blanket. Again. I need it. I want it.
I love love love gold or rose gold necklaces. These are on my list for my birthday. No doubt it will be something I get for myself.




It is all so good.
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I have been looking at brass flatware to maybe add to what I already have. I am in no rush to purchase, but started to look and see what styles caught my eye. The thing about flatware is I need to actually feel it to see the weight of it. But looking for inspiration has really made the search interesting.

Brass | 真鍮 | Latón | Shinchū | латунь | Laiton | Messing | Metal | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | Design | Composition | Photography | Vika Sky Flatware
I really like the simplicity of this style.
Thai Bamboo Brass Flatware, Svc. for 12 on @One Kings Lane Vintage & Market Finds by Ruby + George
Check out this item at One Kings Lane! Brass Flatware, 102 Pcs
Rose Gold Flatware from #WestElm is on my wishlist for Christmas!
Rose Gold is beautiful as well.
There are really so many options to choose from.


pendant lamps
These lights from Zenza are amazing. I am in looove with the one above. I would love to put it in my desk are in the new build. I am repurposing one of my dining room chairs in a fabric similar to the style above. I am not sure they ship to the States though. Reading about their company on-line, it seems to be a very close-knit creative group of people.
Mooie lampen bij Zenza!
pendant lamps
There are so many cool things to look at on their web store, but for me the lights are a home run.