Oh Baby


I am not into over-sharing. At all. So I will keep this brief and simple. Becoming a mother was a long journey for me. It was not an easy one.  I was not one of the lucky ones who wished it and blinked and it appeared. That is ok though, I learned through my tears, losses and silent worries.

I was blessed to have two physicians in my life who guided me, provided me with information, held my hand, wiped my tears, supported me and understood.

Dr. Kendra will be posting on fertility. Her tips might add some insight and provide you with some extra information that you might find valuable to you or someone you know.

image 1 custom silhouette necklaces purveyor of heirloom by luckymebeads.

My Darling Daughter

A year ago tomorrow my sweet  baby F was born. There is no way to precisely describe my baby girl with words that would fit her perfectly. When she nestles her head in the crook of my neck and settles in contentedly, I make sure I hold onto that moment in time and remember it for eternity. There is nothing that will ever come close to that innocent sweet moment in my lifetime.

F is gentle by nature. She loves to hum and pretend to sing. Every morning I walk into her nursery, she smiles at me and stretches out her arms for me to pick her up. She squeals with happiness and always hugs me. She touches her forehead to my forehead and giggles. She is content in my arms venturing about the house doing our daily chores. She will take her small hand and rub my shoulder as I carry her about. I cherish her.

I think God gives you the children that are just right for you. As I look at her asleep, sucking her thumb and holding her foofoo, I can actually tear up because I know how quickly time flies and these moments in time are fleeting and so precious.

Happy Birthday my darling daughter. I love you.

Miss F’s Birthday Hat

I am a theme girl when it comes to parties. When I started to ponder about Miss F turning one, I had some ideas in mind. Specific ideas, but I am not handy when it comes to making those ideas into reality with my own hands. The crafty in me is in the thought process only.

Miss F’s hat had to go with the theme…vintage owls with shades of pink and gold. I searched and searched and searched etsy for weeks. Finally, I found the perfect birthday hat, but it was not the owl theme. I messaged the store owner and she got back to me within minutes. Our communication via email, was so cordial. I felt like after the numerous emails, at the end of the day, we were friends.

Check out her site. She is amazingly talented.

Handmade Celebrations by LollieBlossom on Etsy.

Where’s the Party?

I cannot believe my sweet little F will be one in just a few weeks. I truly cannot wrap my brain around it. We will be celebrating in style with friends and family. Here is a little peek of what we are working on.

F's cake

F's Little Cake

Polka dot straws

Wouldn't be a party at our home without these

Pink Polka Dot Balloon


Vintage Inspired Owls


The Color Scheme

farmstand milk bottles

Strawberry Milk in Vintage Farm Milk Bottles

All these sweet goodness for a sweet little one year old! So fun!

NoseFrida the Snot Sucker! | FridaBaby

NoseFrida the Snot Sucker! | FridaBaby.

Throw out that blue bulb syringe that you got at the hospital or in those grooming packages when you had your baby. Trust. Then go on-line to the above website and order this product. You can thank me later.

When S was two weeks old he became very sick. I swear he picked up whatever P brought home from her preschool. This was even after she changed her outfit, washed her hands, and we put her coat and bag in the closet the minute she returned from school. I digress. We actually had to take him to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The pediatrician on call that evening told us about this product. I think after all these years of hearing “advice” of what I needed for my children, this is the only one that was right on. It works like a charm. Really.