Where are you moving to?

You ever get that feeling like you need a change of pace? I get this way right around the last week of January every year. When the winter chill gets a bit old and the warm is beckoning me.


my new backyard


my new grass

just a sweet little beach cottage is all i need

my front yard

why yes, you can be my beach cottage darling.

where I eat lunch

beach cottage

where I chill

Beach House

the back of the home

Beach house

all in one room


my every day outfit

Pinned Image

my wheels

Where do you want to move to….even if it is only make believe?

image 1,2,3,4,6,7 via pinterest  image 5 From abeachcottage.com image 8 From acitygirlsblog.tumblr.com  image 9 from Volkswagen 181 – Car Photo Gallery.